In Maths, we have been focusing on 2D & 3D shapes. We have also looked at symmetrical patterns and cross sections.

We created our own symmetrical pictures using pattern blocks. We placed a ruler on the floor as a line of symmetry and it really helped us learn about symmetry of 2D shapes.


Can you find any symmetrical items in your home? How do you know they are symmetrical?

4 thoughts on “Shapes

  1. Hello this is Emma and Sarah from 3/4D,
    we found symmetry in our class room we found that our computers, chairs, white board, windows and doors had a line of symmetry . WHAT CAN YOU FIND IN YOUR CLASS ROOM ?

    From Emma and Sarah 🙂 :p

  2. Hello Learning Lizards,
    I love the symmetrical shape video. If you watch the video, look out for the red flower because it is mine (Mitch’s). Also look out for the picture with two rulers because that is Zach’s.
    I can find a lot of symmetrical shapes in my home and I know that they are symmetrical because they are the same on each side of the shape.
    From Mitch (& Zach)

  3. Hi 3/4D,
    It looks like we all had fun when we were making symmetrical shapes. Many great colours were used to fill in our creations.
    From Alannah 3/4D 🙂

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