SOLE stands for Self Organised Learning Environments.

Miss Fraser learned about SOLE Investigations from her friend Miss T, who teaches 4B in Mildura.

When Miss Fraser told us what we would we doing, this is what was on the board:

SOLE Instructions

Our task was to prove Miss Fraser wrong. Miss Fraser told us that the continents of the Earth were created when one man decided to dig really big holes and fill them with water.

SOLE continents

In our groups, we had to work together to research and find lots of evidence to use against Miss Fraser to prove her wrong. We used Google Apps like Docs and Slides to gather our information so that we could be working on it at the same time as our partner.

There were many people who thought that after reading one fact on one website that they could prove Miss Fraser wrong! They were encouraged to double check their facts and keep gathering evidence.

We have found out some interesting ideas and Miss Fraser has heard us talk about Pangea the Super-Continent and tectonic plates. We will be sharing our learning next week so stay tuned to find out what we learned!

What is something interesting that you have found out about how continents were formed? Was learning SOLE style fun? Why?

7 thoughts on “S.O.L.E

  1. Dear Learning Lizards,

    I’m so glad you’ve started S.O.L.E. I think it’s lots of fun to work in teams to try and prove the teacher wrong! (Sometimes, just sometimes, they are actually wrong!)

    What clever things did you find out about the man who dug lots of holes and filled them with water?

    From Miss T

    • Thanks Taryn, I’m sure your blog will grow in visitor numbers as you start posting more often and visiting other blogs too. Good luck!
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

  2. Hi 3/4 learning Lizards

    Our fist S.O.L.E project was very similar to yours.
    We had to prove Miss T wrong she thought that only one person went around the world and discovered all the continents .
    We definitely proved her wrong.

    From Amber 4B

  3. Dear 3/4D,

    I am Catherine from 5LE Campsie Public School. My class did S.O.L.E as well 🙂
    But Mrs Goudis said that students should go into groups of 3-5. Most of the things you so about S.O.L.E are the same as my class. I like S.O.L.E because students and work together more and they can cooperate together well.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    Catherine 5LE Campsie Public School

  4. Hi am Fraser
    I like the idea of allowing others to look at your work it looks fun! Were you allowed to pick your groups.

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