Visitor Milestone!

The Learning Lizards blog has now reached over 1000 visitors!


1000 visitors


1000 visitors2


Thank you to all of our visitors – we love checking our ClustrMap to see where our visitors are coming from. We are also keeping a tally each week and working out the difference in the number of visitors. We think we’ve had a big increase lately because of the family involvement in our blog and because leaving good quality comments on the 3/4 Killara Class Blogs is part of our Home Learning this fortnight.

Who have you asked to check out our blog? Do you have any relatives in other countries that have been looking at our blog?

June is Family Blogging Month!

The Learning Lizards love to share their learning through this blog.

The involvement of family members in our blog is so important. It makes everything we do at school more meaningful and special.

In an effort to include more family members in our online community, we are starting a new blog comment challenge called…


Whenever a students’ family member leaves us a comment, the student will record it on our blog comment chart using the following codes:


At the end of Term 2 (which ends on June 27th), the student who has the most comments from different family members will win a prize! This will be announced via our blog when Term 3 begins. In order to keep the challenge fair to everyone, each student can only record one comment on the chart per day. So the goal is to get as many different family members involved as possible during the month-long challenge!

Having conversations through commenting is one of the best parts of blogging so in your comments feel free to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions. Please refer to our Guidelines and Safety pages if you are unsure of how to comment or respond appropriately.

We’re inviting everyone to comment including mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends! Please do not include surnames, just how you know our students. For example; Katelyn (Mia’s Aunty)

* Family members don’t have to comment only on this post, they can comment on any post on our blog. *

If you want to know how to write a comment and for tips on writing quality commentsclick here.

Thank you and credit to Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan at 4KM & 4KJ for the idea and wording of this introductory post! This was an idea originally created by Mrs Yollis in California.

What do you think of the “June is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

Which family members will you invite to comment?

Which posts do you think will be of interest to your family members?

Family Blogging Afternoon

Today, the Learning Lizards invited their family members to come into their classroom for a Family Blogging Afternoon!


Students made invitations either using paper or Microsoft Publisher on the computers to give to a special person in their family.

We had mums, dads, aunties, grandparents and other family members come along.

First, Miss Fraser gave a quick speech about why we blog in our classroom and the benefits of blogging, such as improvements in literacy, community building, geography & internet safety.

The students and their special visitor then had a challenge to complete! They had to visit our blog and other blogs to help answer the questions on the quiz.

When they finished the challenge, students showed their special visitor how to write a good quality comment.


Well done to the winners of our challenge – Charlotte and her Mum, Rose!


Check out our photos:

What a fabulous afternoon full of fun and learning! Thank you to everyone for coming!


How did you enjoy the Family Blogging Afternoon? Who did you invite?

What do you like about blogging?

What tips would you give to new bloggers?

Solving Problems: Sealed Solution

In 3/4D, we are creative thinkers. Today, we are holding a Family Blogging Afternoon. Miss Fraser thought it could be a good idea to work with our family members after we have completed our blogging quiz on this number problem.

We have a number of different problem solving strategies that we can use in our maths. Perhaps one of these strategies will help solve today’s problem?



Today’s problem is called Sealed Solution

*This problem comes from the Nrich website

A set of ten cards, each showing one of the digits from 0 to 9, is divided up between five envelopes so that there are two cards in each envelope. The sum of the two numbers inside it is written on each envelope:


What numbers could be inside the “8” envelope?

*There is more than one solution!

Write your solution in a comment. What problem solving strategies did you use?

Battle of the Bands!

On Friday, all the 3/4s headed to the gym to compete in Battle of the Bands.

We have been working very hard with Kelli in Music all semester to learn how to play instruments to a certain song.

It was a little scary performing in front of so many people but we all did a great job.

We are very thankful to Kelli for giving us the opportunity to learn something new.


What instrument did you learn? What was your favourite part of Battle of the Bands?

Open Afternoon

As part of Education Week, our school held an open afternoon where parents and families were invited into our classrooms to help complete our challenge.


Our challenge was to build a structure using only icy-pole sticks, tape & string that could hold a tennis ball for more than 10 seconds. We talked about the strongest shape in structures being a triangle – some people chose to use this advice and some chose to ignore it. Some structures were heavily reinforced with masking tape!


Most of the structures could handle a tennis ball. So Miss Fraser decided to test our structures with heavier objects. First she tried a tissue box and then a large notepad. Again, most structures survived! Miss Fraser decided to then see if they could withstand having a tennis ball dropped on them…


It was fantastic to see students testing their own structures with tennis balls and then with heavier objects too – such as drink bottles and even the contents of a locker!

We enjoyed having so many family members in our classroom to assist with our learning. We will be holding a Family Blogging  Afternoon next week too!

What was your favourite part about our Open Afternoon challenge? Did your structure survive? Did a family member come in to see your work?

Alpha Productions: Cinderella

On Monday, we watched the Alpha Productions of Cinderella.

The Alpha Cast

The Alpha Cast

Alpha Productions are a fantastic company of actors who perform well known stories and include modern music. Yesterday, we got to see their performance of Cinderella. We loved Lachie, who played the Step-Mother!

The Step Mother

The Step Mother


What was your favourite part of Cinderella? Who was your favourite character?

SOLE Presentations

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Fraser tried to trick us and told us that all of the continents in the world were formed by one man digging a lot of big holes and filling them with water. She said that even though the land was once connected, it is now separated  by water because of this man digging holes.

We knew Miss Fraser wasn’t right. But could we prove her wrong? How?

We had a couple of sessions to research and then share our learning with the class. We found out that;

  • Earth is a rock planet
  • There was something called a “continental drift”
  • There was once a large land mass called Pangea – also known as the “supercontinent”
  • As magma below the Earth’s crust moves and circulates, it causes the shift of tectonic plates. As the plates move, so too do the continents on top of the plates
  • Pangea began forming about 300 million years ago, was fully together by 270 million years ago and began to separate around 200 million years ago


**Miss Fraser is extremely proud of our researching skills and finding information all by ourselves (with the help of our partners and other class members.)**

We can’t wait to do another SOLE activity!


What did you find out from your SOLE research? Do you think you could prove Miss Fraser wrong? What was the best part of learning SOLE style?


In Maths, we have been focusing on 2D & 3D shapes. We have also looked at symmetrical patterns and cross sections.

We created our own symmetrical pictures using pattern blocks. We placed a ruler on the floor as a line of symmetry and it really helped us learn about symmetry of 2D shapes.


Can you find any symmetrical items in your home? How do you know they are symmetrical?


SOLE stands for Self Organised Learning Environments.

Miss Fraser learned about SOLE Investigations from her friend Miss T, who teaches 4B in Mildura.

When Miss Fraser told us what we would we doing, this is what was on the board:

SOLE Instructions

Our task was to prove Miss Fraser wrong. Miss Fraser told us that the continents of the Earth were created when one man decided to dig really big holes and fill them with water.

SOLE continents

In our groups, we had to work together to research and find lots of evidence to use against Miss Fraser to prove her wrong. We used Google Apps like Docs and Slides to gather our information so that we could be working on it at the same time as our partner.

There were many people who thought that after reading one fact on one website that they could prove Miss Fraser wrong! They were encouraged to double check their facts and keep gathering evidence.

We have found out some interesting ideas and Miss Fraser has heard us talk about Pangea the Super-Continent and tectonic plates. We will be sharing our learning next week so stay tuned to find out what we learned!

What is something interesting that you have found out about how continents were formed? Was learning SOLE style fun? Why?