Launching Genius Hour

Today, Miss Fraser showed us a video called “Caine’s Arcade”

We really enjoyed watching the video and seeing all of Caine’s creations out of cardboard! Miss Fraser showed us this video to help us understand that small ideas can turn into big inventions (and someday, lots of money!)

Caine’s Arcade helped to spark some interesting ideas of our own. Next term, we will be spending 20% of our class time learning, designing and creating things that we are interested in. Some general ideas that have come up are;

  • Our own arcade games
  • Magic
  • Languages
  • Building machines like billycarts or model cars
  • Recording our own music

Over the school holidays, we will be thinking about our “big” question and what we can spend our Genius Hour working on.

What would you learn about, design or create if you had the chance? Have you ever done Genius Hour at your school? What did you focus on?

8 thoughts on “Launching Genius Hour

    • Hi Pranav,
      Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. Where in the world are you from? We love having so many visitors to our blog.
      What did you think about Caine’s Arcade? Would it be something you would like to do?
      From Miss Fraser

  1. Hi 3/4D!

    My name is Boey and I live in China.
    In third grade, we did something similar to this. We used one week to invent something new, I think I made a boomerang airplane or something. It kinda sucked.

    Visit my blog at

  2. Dear 3/4D learning lizards,
    We have watched the video about Caine’s Arcade, it was really cool how he made a whole cardboard arcade just because he was bored!
    From Declan in 4B TLC.

  3. Hi to Mitchell and his class,

    I was so excited to find this video on your blog. This is one of my favourite videos and i’m excited that you’ve seen it.

    Love cousin Tarryn

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Tarryn, we are keen to get lots of our family and friends to learn the art of blogging. Do you blog at your school?

      Have a good day…

      • Hi! Some classes blog. Right now the prep class are following a blog because one of our prep friends is on a big trip around Australia. So we log onto her blog to see photos and find out where she is. Our favourite thing to do is Skype her though. The preps love to skype!

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