Harmony Day

Yesterday, Learning Lizards celebrated Harmony Day. It is a day of cultural respect for anyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional Indigenous owners of the land, to those who have come across the seas to share our home. By participating in Harmony Day activities, we can learn how all Australians from all backgrounds belong to and enrich our nation.

As part of our celebrations, we had our first ever Skype session with 4B from Mildura! We each shared different ways of saying Hello. Before our Skype session, we talked about how we greet each other in our Community Circle. We shared ways of saying hello in different languages with 4B. We spoke in Italian, French, Greek, Fijian, Korean, Auslan and more.

It was also National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. We read a book called ‘Enemy Pie’. To raise awareness of bullying, we had a discussion about what bullying actually is and created posters to display in the school. We worked very hard on our posters because the topic was important to us.

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Did you do anything special for Harmony Day or National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence? Can you speak any other languages? Which ones?

14 thoughts on “Harmony Day

  1. Hi Learning Lizards!

    What a great blog post. I really enjoyed Skyping with you on Friday. I was impressed that so many of you knew how to say hello in a different language.
    I like the idea of your Community Circle. Can somebody tell me a bit more about how it works?

    From Miss T ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Miss T,
      Thanks for reading our Harmony Day post and leaving a comment for us. We really enjoyed our first Skype session with your class so thank you for making it so enjoyable! I will have one of the students tell you about Community Circles when they next jump on.
      From Miss Fraser ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Miss T
      My name is Zach and his name is Ben. What have you been working on for the last week of term?

      From Zach & Ben

  2. dear 3/4D,
    Felicity and I enjoyed making posters on harmony day. The activities we did were great. I liked it but did you?

    from Alannah and Felicity ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Harmony Day was AWESOME
    I loved learning to say hello and good morning in different languages.
    From Katie

  4. Dear learning lizard

    Harmony day sounds like a great day. I didn’t know so many different people call Austraila home. I also didn’t know that in Austraila people speak in different languages like Korean and many more. some times I try to speak a different language like Chinese.
    What day is Harmony Day
    from Ella

  5. Dear learning lizards,

    I really like your post about Harmony Day it reminds me about a day that we celebrate in Canada called Canada day. Canada day is in July which is summer vacation so we don’t celebrate at school. Instead people get together and do fireworks in the night. Canada has alot of culture. Where is mildura that you skyped with and when is Harmony Day?

    From ,Vivienne

  6. Dear Learning Lizards,

    I read Enemy Pie and I think its an awsome story. Also we have a similar holiday in Canada. It is called Canada Day. On Canada Day we celebrate people who call Canada home. We celebrate by doing fireworks in the night or midnight.

    I speak Tamil at home. Can you tell me more languges that you speak?

    From Shaampavi

  7. Dear Learning Lizards,
    Harmony day sounds great. We celebrate Canada day on July 1st. Once a week we have a character education class. We talked about bullying and other social justice topics.

  8. Hello Mrs Fraser we did something special for Harmony day.
    That is doing art about peace. Also in Harmony day we do fun day is when you have fun and do craft.

    From Emilie [5le]

  9. Dear miss fraser and learning lizards,

    On Harmony Day we got to wear orange clothing.
    We also drew harmony day posters and chose 2 best ones and one of them was mine!!!!
    Harmony day was one of my favourite celebrations at school because its about peace and a day without bullying.

    from, Jelita

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