Time for Time!

This week, 3/4D have been working with Kathryn’s class next door to play games to teach us more about time. We have all been working on different skills, such as:

  • reading calendars
  • telling the time on analogue clocks to the half hour
  • telling the time on analogue clocks to five minute intervals
  • saying the time correctly
  • figuring out elapsed time

We have been using our problem solving skills and learning how to best work in groups too.

Here are some websites to help you practise telling the time.

Time Clock

Time Games

ABCya – Telling Time

What have you learnt about telling the time? Which practice game did you enjoy the most and why? What is the most important thing to remember when telling the time?

6 thoughts on “Time for Time!

  1. Hi 3/4D,
    Looks like you have had fun learning to tell the time with all the online games. We have been learning about time in our class too- we can even tell 24hr time! Understanding time is important otherwise we would be late to all our outings!

    Hopefully we can find a time to meet over Skype some time.
    Mrs Goudis from 5LE, Sydney

  2. Hi Miss Fraser,
    It’s Jordan-Amber’s brother,
    I am learning to read a calender.
    I am also learning place value.
    How old is Penny?
    From Jordan.

    • Hi Jordan!
      Thanks for leaving a comment on our class blog. Where did you learn to write such a great quality comment?!
      Are you enjoying your new class this year? We have also spent a little bit of time on place value – ask Amber to play the card game with you!
      Penny is just over 2 years old now but I don’t think she is fully grown yet, she’s very small for her age but that’s because Sheldon used to eat all of her food when they lived together.
      Have a great long weekend,
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

  3. I was just having a look at this blog – what a fabulous idea for us mums and dads to be able to catch up on what our kids are doing in class and also for the students to experience the modern concept of ‘blogging’ in such a supportive way. I loved reading comments from everyone, including those from other parts of Australia and the world!
    Allison – Felicity’s mum

    • Hi Allison,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving us a comment – I will have to show the kids after the weekend.
      This is my second year blogging with a class and I absolutely love it. We are looking forward to Skyping with other classes from around Australia (and hopefully the rest of the world) too. We especially love when people leave us comments to read.
      Have a great weekend!
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  4. Hi class 3/4D,

    I like how you have learnt about time.
    For me, it’s quite easy. How hard is telling time for you? What is your favourite way of telling time? Please check out our blog… misskyritsis6ek.global2.vic.edu.au

    From Anthony in 6EK

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