FISH Philosophy

During the week, we had a class discussion about this video:

The Fish Philosophy started in a market place in Boston. It is used as guidelines to do whatever work you have to do but in a better mind frame. There are 4 guiding values of the Fish Philosophy. They are;

  • Choose Your Attitude
  • Be There
  • Play
  • Make Their Day

We discussed what we thought each of these values mean and how we can apply them at school.

Choose Your Attitude means that your mood is a choice and however you approach something can make it better or worse. Be There means to participate – you have to go to school so you may as well join in with what’s happening. Play means to have a little fun while doing your job. Make Their Day means to make other people feel special while you go about your business because it will make you feel good too.

We completed some pages in our Inquiry books identifying each value and a small explanation of what they each mean.

fish philosophy

How could you use the Fish Philosophy in your work place? How could you use it at home? Do you have any values that you live by? Please share!

7 thoughts on “FISH Philosophy

  1. Hi Everyone,
    We watched the video and we agree that you learn much more when you have fun. It sounds like your classroom is having lots of fun and lots of learning.
    I would love to meet Penny!!!!!
    Sarah and Nan

  2. Hi Sarah and everyone else,
    I agree we do learn more when you have fun.
    But I learn best by singing and taking regular brain breaks.
    How do you guys learn best?
    From Jessica

  3. Hi, Sarah and everyone else,
    I agree we learn better when we have fun.
    But some people learn best when they listen to music.
    How are you
    from Amber

  4. hi class,
    the activities we’ve been doing are great especially the acrostic poem. what activities
    have you enjoyed?
    from alannah:)

  5. These values sound absolutely wonderful, I think I might share this with my class too. We have been thinking about respect to start the year and also how we need to be active and alert when learning. I think this might just fit in.

    Hope your 2014 year will be a great one, hope the heat is not making it difficult for you.

    Miss T
    New Zealand

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