To practise working together as a collaborative group, we completed an activity called a Carousel. We call it that because we have different questions to answer on separate pieces of paper and after a certain amount of time, each group rotates to the next question.



We had 5 questions to answer:

What is learning?
School is important because…
Our classroom  should be _____ every day.
One thing Miss Fraser needs to help me with this year is…
What does everyone in our class need to do to make sure we can all learn together?



We enjoyed working in groups together and a lot of us had the same ideas that we agreed upon. We also learned an important acronym to remember how we are expected to work in groups:

G: Give thoughtful feedback
R: Respect all opinions
O: On task at all times
U: Use soft voices
P: Participate
S: Stay with your group

How would you answer the questions? Why is school important to you?

2 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. hi class
    I hope we have a great year
    and do lots of fun and exiting things
    like the carousel, cubes and mathematicians.
    from Sarah 🙂


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