FISH Philosophy

During the week, we had a class discussion about this video:

The Fish Philosophy started in a market place in Boston. It is used as guidelines to do whatever work you have to do but in a better mind frame. There are 4 guiding values of the Fish Philosophy. They are;

  • Choose Your Attitude
  • Be There
  • Play
  • Make Their Day

We discussed what we thought each of these values mean and how we can apply them at school.

Choose Your Attitude means that your mood is a choice and however you approach something can make it better or worse. Be There means to participate – you have to go to school so you may as well join in with what’s happening. Play means to have a little fun while doing your job. Make Their Day means to make other people feel special while you go about your business because it will make you feel good too.

We completed some pages in our Inquiry books identifying each value and a small explanation of what they each mean.

fish philosophy

How could you use the Fish Philosophy in your work place? How could you use it at home? Do you have any values that you live by? Please share!


To practise working together as a collaborative group, we completed an activity called a Carousel. We call it that because we have different questions to answer on separate pieces of paper and after a certain amount of time, each group rotates to the next question.



We had 5 questions to answer:

What is learning?
School is important because…
Our classroom  should be _____ every day.
One thing Miss Fraser needs to help me with this year is…
What does everyone in our class need to do to make sure we can all learn together?



We enjoyed working in groups together and a lot of us had the same ideas that we agreed upon. We also learned an important acronym to remember how we are expected to work in groups:

G: Give thoughtful feedback
R: Respect all opinions
O: On task at all times
U: Use soft voices
P: Participate
S: Stay with your group

How would you answer the questions? Why is school important to you?

Our First Week Back

We have been working very hard during our first week back!

The Learning Lizards have been using Y-Charts to understand what makes a great classroom and what makes a great teacher. We used these Y-Charts to create our class mission statement. A mission statement is kind of like a code of conduct. Ours is:

The Learning Lizards of Room 14 will follow classroom rules and ensure that everyone is respecting our rights and responsibilities. We will have a positive attitude towards learning, never giving up and striving to work to our potential.  We are responsible learners and we will contribute and participate in all classroom learning activities. We are creative and happy learners.

We also started our class novel, James and the Giant Peach! Miss Fraser has been modelling reading with fluency and expression.

We looked very closely at our school’s rights and responsibilities:
Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable at school
Everyone has the right to learn and work as much as possible
Each of us have a personal responsibility and a communal responsibility to uphold these rights.

In Maths, we looked at what makes a great mathematician. We decided that Mathematicians can be normal, every day people! We also looked at numbers in our lives.

Penny returned to school and is enjoying her new, large home! She is getting to know us all. Ethan has been doing a brilliant job at looking after her properly.

Penny loves it when the boys share their moustache stickers with her!

Penny loves it when the boys share their moustache stickers with her!

We have also been getting to know each other quite well. Miss Fraser paired us up using the Magic Hat and we completed a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences between each partner. We found out some really unusual things about each other!

Overall, it has been a fantastic first week and we are looking forward to many more!

What is your favourite activity at the beginning of the year? What is your favourite subject area to learn about? What would your class mission statement have to include?

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school for 2014!

After nearly 6 weeks of Summer holidays, Miss Fraser is really looking forward to learning with her new class. Miss Fraser has never taught Grade 3/4 before and thinks it will be a lot of fun.

Our class is looking forward to many things this year, such as Lady Northcote Camp later in the year, using the netbooks and tablets and learning lots of new things.

This blog will be a part of our classroom program for sharing our learning with our parents and the wider community. Miss Fraser can’t wait to teach students in 3/4D how to blog so that we can begin learning with other classes around the world.

Miss Fraser has enjoyed hearing how some students have spent their holidays. Miss Fraser spent a lot of time in her backyard, playing with her new cat, Harvey, and enjoyed spending time with family.

Students at Killara returned to school on Thursday 30th of January. We had 2 days together as a class so that we could settle back into school routines and get to know each other.

Some activities that we did together were:
* Snowball fight to learn each other’s names
* What makes a great teacher
* What makes a great classroom
* What kind of teacher do you want Miss Fraser to be?
* Learning questions carousel
* All about Me booklet

Amongst all this, we also spent time talking about and practising different procedures in our classroom, such as lining up in a 4S line and how to work co-operatively in groups.

Miss Fraser introduced Whole Brain Teaching to us, so we spent some time learning and teaching our partners our 5 Classroom Rules. We will be playing a Scoreboard game all year so we know how we’re going.

We can’t wait for the rest of our school year!

Leave a comment about what you did over the holidays.

What was your favourite part of our first days together?

What did you do in your classroom on the first few days?